To Find A Monster Family Feature Film - Movie for all ages!

In the Summer of 1988, 8th grade outcasts Lenny and Patrick decide to catch the attention of their small town, and Lenny’s school crush, by making a legendary horror film. They were destined and determined to become the youngest filmmakers in the history of cinema.


Armed with a miraculous overnight script, an ill-inherited VHS camcorder, a small-town community of characters most akin to a holiday fruitcake, and the magic of those days when Innocence begins playing spin-the-bottle with Destiny, they set out to find the key ingredient in any horror film recipe… a MONSTER! Not before frustration sets in, Lenny and Patrick stumble upon a local pariah, a former circus sideshow by the name of Henry Bollinger, who suffers from great physical maladies. After some persuading to accept the role, the geeks finally have their “freak.”


Defying the odds, they finish the film. Through a fateful connection to Frank, a former Hollywood fixture turned indie movie house owner, they get to premiere their masterpiece for the whole town to see… along with one visiting V.I.P.  The film is a hit whose success comes on the coattails of the invaluable lessons that only life, loss, and love can teach a boy longing to honor the man who left him behind to finish his story. This is the tale about that spark that exists between two passing torches.


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