Director's Vision
To Find A Monster Family Feature Film - Movie for all ages!

"To Find A Monster" is a love letter to the totally radical 1980's cinema that defined my youth.


The story of our films' heros, Lenny Thorpe and Patrick Barry, could very well be the story of any kids from the eighties. For me, it was typical to stay the night at a best friends house, watch horror films all night (much to the chagrin of my Mother) and wake up the next morning with a giant poster of Freddy Kruger staring me in the face as I rolled over Star Wars figures in my sleeping bag. It's moments like these from my childhood (throw in Pepsi and pop rocks if you wish) that I wanted to capture in "TFAM".


What set classics like "The Goonies", "Stand by Me" and "E.T." apart however was not just nostalgia. Time brings that. What set those movies apart was the genuine heart at the center of its story telling. The story of Lenny Thorpe trying to fit in after the death of his father is both timeless and honest. The themes of loneliness, bullying, friendship (in the most unlikely of places) and wonder are universal. They belong to all generations. Some people use sports,music or other (not always positive) means to fit in. For Lenny, it was movies.


I can certainly relate.


Making a motion picture is like taking a million blinking Lite-Brite pegs and fitting them into the right glowing image. It's quite the puzzle to say the least. I always like to boast that the "To Find A Monster" family is the best cast and crew in all of independent film to accomplish this mission. We can't wait to put this image in front of you to enjoy with your families. We strive to make a motion picture that you can grow up with and grow old with.


So put down that Cabbage Patch Kid, throw a tape in the VCR and join us on this adventure and celebration of hope, innocence and good cheer!


Joshua B. Porter (Director)

January, 2014

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